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Re: Debian Desktop Etch+1 - the long road to binoculars.

Sex, 2007-06-29 às 12:16 -0300, Gustavo Franco escreveu:
> After that you can figure out the best way on how somebody could
> install that. synaptic has rudimentar support to install tasks that
> could be better. I've some suggestions and should write some patches
> for this, but you can invoke it for tests running: 'synaptic 

Adding it to synaptic, to gnome-app-install or developing further the a
gtk frontend to tasksel, where you can install/uninstall the tasks.

maybe something like debconf where the interface is chosen from where
the user is running it.
Maybe a this frontend should be a target to lenny. This is more
important then adding more tasks, i think. It would be very useful if
the user can use tasks from tasksel properly. 

what do you think?

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