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Bug#426060: /usr/share/images/desktop-base not empty upon purge

On 5/25/07, Dan Jacobson <jidanni@jidanni.org> wrote:
Package: desktop-base
Severity: wishlist
File: /usr/share/images/desktop-base

Purging configuration files for gnome-session ... dpkg - warning:
while removing gnome-session, directory
`/usr/share/images/desktop-base' not empty so not removed.

so removed by hand:
  lrwxrwxrwx 1 root   36 2005-07-26 17:46 desktop-background -> /etc/alternatives/desktop-background

Hi Dan,

Thanks for you report. I hope to fix this issue in the next upload.
Could you please just confirm the package version you were using (dpkg
-l desktop-base output if you don't know).

-- stratus

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