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Documentation on the road for Etch and the future.

Hi list,

I need some help with the wiki.debian.org/DebianDesktop/* articles and
the official Debian Desktop website at debian.org. I think it's worth
do a lot of cleanups and better document ("everywhere") the following:

- What is this Debian Desktop thing?
I think we need help from debian-publicity list with the text.

- What are tasks?
Maybe wiki.debian.org/DebianDesktop/Tasks is enough, we will need to
promote part of that content to debian.org someday.

- What are the desktop environments involved?
We know that they are GNOME, KDE and Xfce our users don't!

- How to install my favorite desktop environment in a living system?
(Etch related)
With an up-to-date testing or etch system, it's just a matter of
aptitude install desktop $foo-desktop. Make t-shirts of your favorite
desktop environment with this command and make me happy! Artwork to
post somewhere and let the users do their own t-shirts is also

- How to install my favorite desktop environment from scratch? (Etch related)
Since we're about options, it isn't that trivial explain in a few
words.  See: http://stratusandtheswirl.blogspot.com/2006/12/debian-desktop-call-for-tests.html

- Where i can download Live CDs ?
http://live.debian.net . The images (almost) match the set of packages
in tasks. Hopefully we will be able to have a bless from the cdimage
team making those images as official. I need to take a look on the
latest live-package (the live cd builder) and maybe make it run as
non-root. Steve (debian-cd, 2IC) probably won't accept run
live-package as uid 0 in a debian.org machine.

- Where are the media artwork (CD, DVD labels) ?
There's none yet. Andre, could you cook something based on
debian-moreblue where we can easily put some words over that? eg.: A
CD label image where i can (or have) read the words: "GNOME" or "KDE"
or "Xfce" or "Live" with the respective desktop environment word.

- What is coming after Etch ?
More users, more suggestions and hopefully much harder work to even
better results and quality. From the top of my mind, probably we need
to push for gcjwebplugin (java on the browser) and gnash (flash
plugin). Actually, there are limitations from upstream but it would be
great provide free and stable alternatives for the related formats.
There is no doubt that we will have stable and up-to-date desktop
environments. Let us talk about use cases, quality and features
instead and not about version X or Y of Z software, please.

- How to test/develop my favorite desktop environment in a living
system and/or from scratch? (Lenny related)
Actually it doesn't differ from test or help with Debian Desktop
development since Etch is still in tests. After we drop Etch we will
need two different documents, articles, whatever.

thanks in advance,
-- stratus

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