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Call for (brave) testers: from Ubuntu Edgy to Debian Etch.

Hi list,

I've been working on a document to explain how move from Ubuntu Edgy
to Debian Etch. It needs a lot more tests and hard work on a virtual
environment so i need testers that have some spare time to work on
this project into qemu and/or vmware guest machines.

To help me, you will need to install Ubuntu Edgy as a qemu or vmware
guest, upgrade it and then make sure you've a snapshot in hands. After
that, follow the steps below trying to simplify the process and report
them to the list. Have fun!

Edit /etc/apt/sources.list, comment every ubuntu related entry and add
something like:
deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian main contrib non-free

Run the following commands:
sudo aptitude update

sudo aptitude install aptitude tasksel tasksel-data

sudo aptitude install gnome-desktop

Note: Remember that by default Ubuntu uses GNOME desktop environment!
kde-desktop and xfce-desktop weren't tested over kubuntu and xubuntu

Unfortunately OpenOffice (core) breaks the command above in the middle

You will need to run:
sudo dpkg --force-all --configure -a

Run again:
sudo aptitude install gnome-desktop

Note: Now the first round of updates was completed. Here you've
iceweasel 2, gnomebaker, gparted, more debianish menus and tons of
interesting stuff.

You will need to remove python-gobject or it will conflict with some
other python stuff:
sudo dpkg --purge python-gobject

Run the command below again. It will give you some downgrades and more
updates too:
sudo aptitude install gnome-desktop

Some cleanup:
sudo dpkg --purge ubuntu-docs ubuntu-keyring ubuntu-minimal
ubuntu-sounds ubuntu-standard edgy-gdm-themes edgy-wallpapers
edgy-community-wallpapers edgy-session-splashes

sudo aptitude dist-upgrade
Warning: Accept the 2nd solution, not the 1st!!!

Replacing upstart with sysvinit:
sudo dpkg --purge --force-all upstart upstart-compat-sysv sysvutils

sudo aptitude install sysvinit

sudo aptitude dist-upgrade
Warning: Accept the 2nd soltun, not the 1st!!! It's faster no need to
download stuff.

Ubuntu Edgy contains tons of smalls apps in individual packages that
in Debian Etch are still into xbase-clients, so:
sudo dpkg --purge --force-all xbase-clients xprop sessreg appres xrgb
bitmap beforelight xf86dga editres fstobdf iceauth ico listres oclock
xkbutils smproxy xinit viewres x11perf xauth xbiff xcalc xclipboard
xclock xconsole xcursorgen xditview xdpyinfo xdriinfo xev xeyes xfd
xfontsel xgamma xgc xhost xkill xload xlogo xlsatoms xlsclients
xlsfonts xmag xman xmessage xmodmap xmore xrandr xrdb xrefresh xset
xsetmode xsetpointer xsetroot xsm xstdcmap xtrap xvidtune xvinfo xwd
xwininfo xwud libvolumeid0 volumeid

sudo aptitude dist-upgrade
sudo aptitude install desktop

For ibook users only:
edit /etc/yaboot.conf
ybin -v

For grub/lilo users:
Make sure your grub/lilo will work! ;)

- Check if your kernel and initrd versions match, if needed run
- After booting if you don't see the Debian Etch (4.0) login prompt
but something like (initramfs), try run modprobe ide-disk and then

Yes, it's ugly as hell but i give just only one try. Brave testers
wanted! I would be glad to cook some script ASAP.

Btw, if you know how to make aptitude understand that it's ok remove
the installed package that contains file X and replace it with the new
package containing the file X in the same run, it will help me a lot.

thanks in advance,
-- stratus

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