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Re: Call for tests: desktop-base

Thanks. The centered swirl should be default, imho, to educate people
who are new to Debian but it would be nice to also add the corner
swirl as an alternative to users who are already familiar with the



On 1/30/07, Gustavo Franco wrote:
Hi list,

I've just uploaded desktop-base into experimental, this
release (hopefully) fix all pending issues for Etch release in terms
of common artwork as we planned.

Please test the following stuff:
- Upgrade to desktop-base and check if the swirl into the
wallpaper is centered but isn't white, this is blueish (works for me).

- kdm theme should be ok and if you made customizations those won't be

- Upgrade Paths:
  - sarge->etch (this case desktop-base into experimental)
  - testing->experimental ( - (works for me)

Feedback (ASAP) is really appreciated. ;)

thanks in advance,
-- stratus

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