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Re: Call for tests: desktop-base

On 1/31/07, Linas Žvirblis <0x0007@gmail.com> wrote:
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Michael Banck wrote:

> But then, I think we should leave this decision to the artist; he
> submitted the original artwork, we accepted his original artwork.  If we
> now want to have a change, he should decide on whether he thinks it's
> alright to change it, IMHO.

Why _change_ it? There is nothing preventing us from having multiple
versions of the same wallpaper included in the package: one with
centered swirl, one with off-center swirl, and maybe one without the
swirl altogether.

Actually there is, the general freeze. =)

As for default choice, I prefer one with a centered swirl. It does a
good job at representing Debian, and also looks good. Whereas off-center
swirl may also look good, but it is harder to recognize.

I prefer the off-center swirl, but i don't hate the "new" blueish
swirl into the center. The swirl will remain in the same position
(center) but will be blueish and not white for Etch, if the release
management team agree with the svg diff. FYI, the rest of the diff is
already 101 lines longer. I'm waiting your feedback on usage
and a kdm related fix from fabo. Hopefully after the next upload there
will be no further changes before Etch unless we found a new RC bug.

I'm sorry but we can't please everybody. I promise that the subject
will be revisited during the next development cycle. We all need to
agree that it's way better than we had in Sarge, i would like to ask
those that haven't installed the desktop using the testing images,
please do. We don't have the final release yet, but we're alredy being
pleased with good reviews. There's no regression. Etch will be the
best Debian release for desktop and laptops and it isn't only about
off-center or centered swirl.

-- stratus

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