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407930 - debian-blueish-wallpaper issues


as said in my reply to 407930:
> debian-blueish-wallpaper r42 is the original.
> My changes r56 is just width/height adjustment -> 1024x768 to 1600x1200
> to have the swirl centered. My changes r58 is svg source cleanup so the
> file is much more smaller:
> * r56 size : 108.9 kb
> * r58 size : 18.3 kb
> it was too nice to reduce the file by a factor 6 ... i must have lost some
> properties between r56 and r58.
> i reverted the wallpaper to r56 in svn to see if it resolves the issue.

to clarify the situation, as it seems there's 2 issues:
* swirl position
* plain white color

it was my intention to move the swirl to the center  as i found partial swirl 
ugly, but not to change its color.

Could you give me more precision on what you expect ?



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