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gnome-screensaver deserves an additional explanation or wishlist bug report?

Today I tried to use gnome-screensaver to use a personal directory with
photos and images.
Found that the directory location (Pictures) is "hard coded" in a
system-wide conf file and no menu option allow the user to change that.
It is a problem for non-english installations, as user read "Pictures
folder" translated to other language.
So, at my brazilian portuguese Etch, I had to rename the folder to
I am sure regular users will not go search conf files, xml tags, and so
on, across their disks to find where the photos should go.

Maybe some help button real content, or pop up tip could help in time
for Etch.

I do not know how is gnome-screensaver on 2.16.

Should I post a whishlist bug report  against gnome-screensaver?

Andre Felipe Machado

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