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No need for C'n'R

Hi Gustavo,

I have read your blog post about C'n'R. I just wanted to drop you a note
that I am working on porting Ubuntu's gnome-app-install to Debian. I
think that a combination of apt-file and a local mirror could be used to
create the app data set of Debian.

If you want to promote software from other repositories you would just
have to add the corresponding desktop files and a repository info file
to the app data.

Feisty will have two other nice features using gnome-app-install:
mime-type support and multimedia-codec support. If you open a file
without an available handler you can search for applications that handle
it in gnome-app-install. Secondly gstreamer will provide an interface to
call a third party software to install missing codecs. Ubuntu uses
gnome-app-install. Perhaps these two could also be moved to Debian.



P.S.: Software-properties is currently in a state of flux and will need
some new not yet published dependencies. I think that can be uploaded to
Debian soon.

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