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Debian objectives for lenny ... desktop

Hello there

I know you are all busy with the etch release, but i will have time in
beginning of February and i want to propose some issues, and get your
See that i am available to help/make them all.

I'll start for one that is the beginning of this all.
Debian is a good distribution that has everything that others have, but
it is always more messy and simple ... i would like to turn that out.
Unfortunately i am not designer ...
The question i bring is enterprise related. I know many enterprises use
debian as server and now ubuntu on desktop. I want to change that, by
making debian an enterprise oriented distribution ( or at least try to
get there).

some opinions here are not very welcome, please don't throw them away.
Some of them are patches to upstream that many of you are not welcome.
I will focus on gnome, because is the environment that i use and
recommend. Please feel free to adapt or give your opinion.

 My proposal is to be created, if possible, a desktop-enterprise task in
 That task would include besides an enterprise oriented desktop, some
enterprise oriented features.

Some of the features:
 - depend on libpam-ldap for configuring out of the box ldap client (or
at least have that option).
 - enterprise oriented desktop applications (forget synaptic and some
other administrating tools)
 - Have an unified artwork for all possible applications (splash screens
Best Regards,
Luis Matos

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