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Re: Etch Artwork

On 9/19/06, Luis Matos <a26652@alunos.mec.ua.pt> wrote:
About timeline and splashy ... there was some talk in debian-boot about
splashy, i'll search the archives for that and see the status of

What we need is a way to change grub behaviour if you're installing a
*desktop task right from debian-installer. AFAIK, splashy needs
'quiet' and 'vga=XXX' arguments, that is a bit tricky to figure out.
It would be good if splashy 'just worked' after being installed over a
default grub setup, if it isn't possible, it will be hard to add it in
the desktop task for Etch sorry.

another thing is to propose some artwork to the installer ... if you
think that it can be proposed.

Are you talking about the GTK+ frontend right? I guess it uses blue
and red and is neutral enough, there is no much artwork stuff needed
there for Etch, IMHO.

-- stratus

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