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Debian Desktop Artwork after meeting status and more.

Hi list,

I was ill, but i'm back now and (almost) ready to deliver the summary
of our meeting and start working on the common guidelines. We don't
have too much time so let us focus on login screens, wallpapers and
splash screens. It's really important do it right from the start and
with a few elements, release Etch and do it better for Etch+1, IMHO.
We don't want xorg and python transition all over again, do we?

I just updated our wiki article[0] and i recommend you use the
subscribe feature there. FYI, i'm the sort of official maintainer of
the Debian Desktop page[1] for a while now, but haven't enough time to
update that page. I've some content but i need some help with the
html, review. Somebody with tons of free time and html skills is
welcome. You don't need to understand how the Debian website and wml

I need volunteers to help me with the common guidelines (first draft)
too. Be part of pkg-gnome, pkg-xfce or pkg-kde is required.

Closing, if you missed the meeting but would like to help us read the
wiki article[0], check the full meeting log and ask here.

[0] = http://wiki.debian.org/DebianDesktopArtwork
[1] = http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-desktop/

-- stratus

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