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Re: background and icon theme in gnome 2.14 and general debian

I agree with Luis at 250%!
Debian needs to have a marketing image for the desktop users.

I love the GNOME foot on the Debian swirl! Instead of the default GNOME icon, this one would give some personnality to the Debian distribution.
For the background, a lighter one could give to Debian a uniqueness (like the maroon of Ubuntu) and a fresh image (unlike the maroon of Ubuntu :)).

It brings another question... Should Debian choose one desktop manager by default?
Personnaly I use GNOME and, the last time I've checked, when selecting the "Desktop" during the installation, it installs both GNOME and KDE, so I had to make my own installation (don't want two desktop manager). The best would be to be able to choose one or both of them during the installation. I think the fact to be able to choose what you prefer symbolize the interest of the Debian distribution.

As said in anohter answer, a G/KDM theme should be found too.
And what about a grub splashscreen, that would be a little more appealing too?

If some of these suff are already in the Debian installator, please tell it to me. It makes a long time I haven't reinstalled my Debian :D


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