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Corporate Desktop


well ... following the original post[1], i have a preliminary package
list, for those who are interested.

I have made a package list [2], witch you can grab categorized [3]

This is a very first list, not tested. It was made with others as base.

It misses administrator's packages such as external auth. This list had
by objective to create a desktop environment.

there are some point, such as bluetooth support, phone support that has
solutions in gnome, but that there are not yet in gnome [4] . So i am
wondering, if this will ship.

Other thing is fonts. There is a recent group to package fonts.[5]

Other issue is mail client. I use thunderbird, for now, i has many
features, but it is slow and not gnome integrated. So the default should
be evolution, but must have thunderbird for windows/linux users.

my objective is to provide the desktop with drivers ( for printing and
for devices), options (plugins, applets, themes, icons) and tools
(gnome-cups-manager) that are not debian-desktop default, but that are

[2] http://joaquina.tecklog.com/~gass/pacotes2.html
[3] http://joaquina.tecklog.com/~gass/cat.html
[4] http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-bluetooth
[5] http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-fonts

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