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Re: How to install Tamilfonts debian

On Fri, 2006-02-24 at 10:42 +0530, U. Sudhakar wrote:

> I want to install tamil fonts 

aptitude install ttf-tamil-fonts

You might also be interested in some of these tamil related packages:

aspell-ta               - Tamil Wordlist for Aspell
iiimf-htt-le-indic      - UNIT language engine for iiimf-htt-server
iiimf-le-unit           - UNIT language engine for iiimf-server
itrans                  - Converts romanized Indic texts to Latex, HTML & Postscript
itrans-doc              - Documentation for the ITRANS Indic text processing system
itrans-fonts            - fonts used in the ITRANS Indic text processing system
kde-i18n-ta             - Tamil (ta) internationalized (i18n) files for KDE
koffice-i18n-ta         - Tamil (ta) translations for KOffice
scim-tables-additional  - miscellaneous input method data tables for SCIM platform
tamil-gtk2im            - Tamil input method for GTK-2
texlive-lang-indic      - TeX Live: Indic



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