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Re: Desktop selection

The command tasksel (logged as root) shows you some (high level
abstraction) options to install packages.
If you are using Stable (sarge) you could simply mark the Desktop option
and it will install the needed packages for X, Gnome and KDE.
The most simple step after is to reboot. Then the system will come in a
graphical login. GDM is the default one. 
You could chose gnome or kde. You could install more x window
alternatives and even other graphical login (kdm or others). But for
starters, stay with defaults while are learning.
I guess that the wiki is showing the options for the Testing and
Unstable versions.
Good luck.
Andre Felipe

Em Sáb, 2005-11-26 às 14:14 +0100, Pedro M (Morphix User) escreveu:
> I have read more information about Desktop (or Window manager ) 
> selection after StartX using Tasksel
> See:
> http://wiki.debian.org/tasksel
> Can somebody explain if it works  or how to do it working ?.
> Regards.

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