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Re: 16mb ram problem

2005/11/2, Ogz <comp.ogz@gmail.com>:
> Hi. I have a small ancient laptop:
> cpu: 586
> ram: 16mb
> hdd: 786 mb
> I wanted to install Debian to it, and tried Woody. After the basic
> system installation finished, i decided to install a graphic
> environment. Some volunteers were: icewm and windowmaker.
> apt-get install icewm finished without errors. Then i realised it
> requires an X environment (why it didnt install x-window-system during
> apt-get install icewm if it depends on it?) so i tried apt-get install
> x-window-system. It didnt finished succesfully.

What do you mean? Any error messages?

>  Now i want to install
> a graphic environment to that machine. What do you suggest? Do i have
> to install x-window-system,


> is there any window-environment that
> doesnt require x-window package?



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