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Sawfish window cycling "display window name"

Hi all,

If this is the wrong list, please let me know.

I've just did a update on my unstable system, and now the window cycling
in sawfish is leaving up the displayed window names even after I'm done
cycling windows (let go of all keys).  I don't know if this was intended
or not, but it is really becoming annoying since several times my mouse
is in the middle of the screen, and when I let go, the focus goes from
the window I wanted to the display. So I would hit Alt-Tab once again,
and the focus would go back to my window, I would let go of the keys,
and then the focus goes back to the display.  So then I would need to
move my mouse, which defeats the purpose of key short cuts in the first

I'm not subscribed, so please CC. And if I'm barking up the wrong tree,
just let me know which tree I should go to.


-- Steve

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