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Re: doc-base stuff in debian menu?

Guilherme de S. Pastore wrote:

> I couldn't understand exactly what you're looking for, really, 

I'd like my gnome menu to have something like this (an example taking
packages with a doc-base file with section Apps/Tools that I have

Gnome -> | Accessories     | Apps    | Apps -> | Tools -> | bzip2 and libbzip2: a program and library for data compression
         | Debian       -> | Docs -> |         |          | utilities for finding files--find, xargs, and locate
         | Edutainment     | Games   |         |          | Man-db manual
         | ...             | ...     |         |          | Midnight Commander FAQ

The .desktop/etc files would launch the correct viewer for the preferred
format (html > dvi > pdf > postscript > ...).

> but perhaps doc-central may be what you want. It has an entry in the Debian
> menu, and allows you to browse through or search for documentation
> registered in the doc-base database.

$ aptitude show doc-central
Package: doc-central
Section: web
Depends: apache | httpd, python (>= 2.1), info2www
Recommends: w3m | www-browser

Hmm, not really what I'm looking for, since it requires a web server to be installed. 



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