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A quick start guide for sarge


I've started working on a "quick start guide" for new desktop users of the
sarge release. A lot of the current documentation is targeted at woody and
therefore gives deprecated or needlessly complicated advice. The sarge
release features an easy installer, hardware auto-detection and when the
desktop task is selected it features probably 80% of the applications an
ordinary user needs. These facts should make it possible to write a quick
start guide. I've put a incomplete draft on the web[1]. I am already
questioning a lot of the decisions I've made thusfar, and seek advice / help.

I've used XHTML1.1+CSS. Other tools might be more appropriate.

Not wanting to duplicate other documentation I'll link where appropriate.
 This results in lazyness.... leaving large gaps in the story. A way to
 prevent this is describing in detail a typical installation: i386, netboot
 iso, Windows in another partition, auto-partition the free space, an
 official debian mirror, the desktop task, setting up X, setting up a printer
 and a scanner, using aptitude or synaptic. Then I could give pointers in my
 'notes' section if you need a different approach. Problem: this 'notes'
 section is growing larger than the guide itself.

Most of the questions asked by newbies relates to non-free drivers or
software. I think it is best to write a seperate document about these issues,
but how should I address this now? The first question to be answered in the
troubleshooting X section would be: How to install ATI / Nvidia drivers?

I do not know where I should publish this. A popular site like OSnews could
give the most exposure, but they impose restrictions on further publication
and want an exclusive. When I write this in the open, there will be no

My regards,

Paul Frederiks

[1] http://www.nic-nac-project.de/~psilo/desktop_sarge/quick_start_guide.html

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