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YaST2 Modules working and next steps

Hi all,

I wrote this to the list we have in alioth but I don't know
why mailman in alioth does not allways work well, and the server
is usually overloaded. I write it here although this should be 
sent only to the yast4debian-devel in alioth (sorry if people in
the debian-desktop list find this is an offtopic).

So, where are we right now:

Pikota is still working and he's got some modules finished.

yast2-users module: works well except with ldap (it is disabled due to
                    some problems compiling the yast2-ldap module).

yast2-nfs-client module: works well.

yast2-nfs-server module: will work tomorrow as Pikota tells me right
                         now :-)

services module: Pikota is working hard on it because the system
                 runlevels in Debian and SuSE are quite different. 
                 Right now it's done the 60% as he told me.

qt module: works well (no patch required).

translation modules: Work well (no patch required).

Next steps: 

Try to port the sound module as Stano told it could be feasible.

Upload the patches and a document telling what they do on which files.
Jaldhar, I hope you can use them and then start to package useful stuff for
people out there.

Asking in the Kubuntu lists if there are people wanting to help/try. I
think YaST could be interesting in Kubuntu. But before I would like to
have a repository with some modules working out of the box (in

What do you think guys?


PD: I have uploaded some screeshots to the web page (faq 17).

PD2: Pikota proposes to use a dynamic web, something like mambo or any 
     other CMS. A friend of him is willing to help with the desing and a
     logo :-)

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