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Re: Best way to package skippy [was: Re: [RFS][ITP] Skippy, gcursor, glurp. ]

On Mon, Feb 28, 2005 at 02:07:45AM -0600, David Moreno Garza wrote:

> Skippy is a nice piece of software.


> Gustavo Noronha and I were talking (in CONSOL[1]) about how would be the
> best way to package skippy. Honestly, I haven't had the chance to check
> any ITP/related-work on this, so I think this is the right to start.

  The package has been sat in the New queue for a couple of weeks, so
 the initial packaging is done.  Of course changes and improvements 
 are still welcome.

> How are you handling running the software? Are you expecting the user to
> run it manually? That was one of the concerns kov and I found when
> discussing the package. Are you using something related? Probably
> running an .xsession file? Obviously you couldn't do it from a .gnome
> file, since one of the dependencies of the upstream software is X11R6.
> What about KDE, XFce? We just tested it on GNOME and XFce running the
> skippy command manually.

  It is currently setup such that the user must run it manually, and
 there is no attempt made to install it on a system-wide, or per-user

  I think this is the correct approach to take for a first stab at
 the package and probably for the general case too.

  Yes, a desktop environment that could be setup to invoke this if
 it existed would be a nice extra touch but it's not really required.
 After all we dont know what environments are available and how the
 user wishes it to be handled.



  Each of the extra packages could drop a file in the relevent location
 that made the program start at login time?  I'd be happy to sponsor a
 version that did that, but it seems like overkill.

  None of the other comparible programs I've used have gone to this much
 effort, eg.  x11vnc.

  Do you have some specific suggestion on how it should be handled?  I'm
 guessing you do given the d-desktop mailing list inclusion .. ;)

> Besides, how are you handling the .skippyrc file?

  In no special way.


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