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Re: [YaST2] First homepage online

El mar, 15-02-2005 a las 19:20 -0300, Hernán Astudillo escribió:
> >
> nice :) As soon as i saw it, started working on it. but i've found a 
> little problem: in the howto you explain to install libstdc++6-dbg and 
> remove libstdc++6, but libstdc++6-dbg depends on libstdc++6. how do i 
> fix this?
hey that's right! ok, I had problems when executing yast2 compiled
against some libraries of libstdc++6 and I don't know why but it
segfaulted. I installed libstdc++6-dbg which is the same but with
debugging symbols just to know what was happening and then it worked.

You need anyway the libstdc++6-dbg which includes the libstdc++.la
needed for compiling. (So actually is not the same as I said above).

I'll correct the documentation after doing all the process again with
a new computer at work.

Please tell us if you are successful and at the end, if you fell like
it, install the user management module and try to use it. Give feedback.

Good luck,


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