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xterm font and fontconfig issue

Dear Debian Desktop Folks,

I've been trying to set up the fonts used by the X server in the past few days.
 Basically I wanted to use a really good xterm font.

I figured out that basically only the bitmapped fonts look really good in xterms
so I reconfigured fontconfig with `dpkg-reconfigure -plow  fontconfig'.  I opted
in the use of bitmapped fonts.  After that font antialiasing disappeared in
every GTK and Qt applications.  It turned out that fontconfig created the file
~/fonts.conf which contained directives that disabled antialiasing.

The problem is that when I reconfigured fontconfig I only set the font rendering
method and enabled the use of bitmapped fonts, but I said nothing about font
antialiasing, yet fontconfig disabled it so it's not the expected behaviour.

After I set the regarding values in ~/fonts.conf antialising was fine again by
the way.

I've got one problem left.  When I enable the use of bitmapped fonts, They are
used by various desktop applications where only nonbitmapped fonts would be used
otherwise which weakens the overall desktop experience.

How can I remove every bitmapped fonts except the bitmapped fonts of Konsole?

Every suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Laci  <http://mondalaci.objectis.net>

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