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Re: dependcy problem on hotplug

On Sunday 12 December 2004 10.15, GuanFu Chen wrote:
> When I installed new destop on new machine
> I found  hotplug already become a necessay on the debian OS
> I want to remove it and it tell me that the following dependcy order
> hotplug->udev->hal->gnome-volume-manager->gnome-desktop
> is there any possible that can fix/or just give me an opportunity not
> to use this "feature"/"bug" ?

Instead of trying to mess with dependencies etc. you could just not use 
hotplug: just move the /etc/rc?.d/S??hotplug links 
to /etc/rc?.d/K??hotplug.

Important: don't just delete the S??hotplug links: the next update will just 
create them again.  If any K??hotplug links exist, the update will just 
leave them alone. (This is arguably broken - a search of the d-devel list 
archive with search terms like 'tri-state' and 'init script' will likely 
show the last 20 discussions of this.)

-- vbi

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