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Re: Summary about the contact to Novell/SuSE

Am Montag, 29. November 2004 09.51 schrieb Rumen Krasstev:

Good morning

> [...]
> Excellent job, Mario!

thx but we're still at the beginning.

> :-))))
> Thank you - I was going to loose my fate about this project last 6
> months, but thanks of you - it is resurrected :-))
> Salutes :-)))

The alioth project is online. What do you think should be the next?

- Upload of some source code -> Which version?
- Getting an account and becoming a member of the yast4debian group

I hope to hear from Klaus Kaempf in the next days and expect some information 
from Susan Perrin.

Did you get in contact with the rpm maintainer?

> Rumen


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