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first post

I have an idea, tell me what you think. It would be a project called DMC – or “Debian Management Console.” The premise is simple: Create a simple GTK 2 interface for making changes to values in configuration files like 'fstab' or any other text configuration file. The interface would be similar to Microsoft's MMC (Microsoft Management Console) or Sun's SMC (Solaris Management Console.) One similar program already included in Debian, although for a different purpose, would be 'Gconf editor.' It would be more similar to these programs than something like YAST. Here would be it's features:

1.on the left would be a tree-view of all the setting available to DMC. On the right would be a pane to display each 'snap-in' as the user clicked on it. 2.The program would allow new 'snap-ins' to be installed by the user, each from it's own .deb file. New snap-ins would be simple for developers to make and each could do something specific, i.e. a snap in that displays hard drive usage, just like 'gtkdiskfree' 3.It might even be possible to adapt existing programs like gtkdiskfree to DMC 4.Settings could be made to the local system, remote systems, or even exported to a special file like '[hostname].[version].dmc' and then that entire database of settings could be applied to another computer running DMC. This would be similar, although easier to use, than 'rsync.' 5.Of course, the program would run 'XSU' to authenticate the user as root before allowing any changes.

I think that once a developer makes the basic interface (Which would be relatively simple to do,) that will set off a chain reaction of new snap-ins and community support. someday, it may even be possible to apply configuration settings from DMC to different computers running different distributions of UNIX/Linux. I know that many feel that administering Linux from the command line is good enough and that anyone who can't has no business being a Linux administrator. Even so, I think this would ease the transition of Microsoft Admins to Linux, and that is something we all want. I am not a developer, and I have no knowledge of programing. I just think that this would be a cool project and would be willing to help in any way I could.

Thank you.

P.S – is there a clearing house anywhere that pairs up developers looking to start new projects with people that have ideas? if their isn't their should be.

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