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Re: YaST2 for Debian (aka nYaST)


Am Montag, 22. November 2004 15:24 schrieb Rumen Krasstev:
> platform/distribution/os for instance... I can't explain it clearly, but
> when I saw the YaST code I understand one thing - they made a lot of
> compromises with the freedom (and yet, YaST was closed source 7 years) and
> flexibility in match to reach their aims - as much as possible modules for
> all kind of configuration and administration tasks - for example Debian's
> new partman (partition manager in the sarge installer) is multiplaform,
> because it was made from the begining with such requirement, but for me
> it's really hard to make graphical partition manager for all architectures
> that run GNOME on (YaST is only for i386)... So, there is much more
> examples why many modules are really hard to implement into GST - what
> about management of RAID and LVM for example?

I can't tell how the YaST source looks like, didn't yet look really. But YaST 
isn't i386-only. SLES[1] is available for i386,x864_64,ppc64, s390, s390x too 
and SL for x86_64, too
And they also use YaST (looking on where which yast2 source version is used 
confirms this..)

That SL[2] isn't available for !i386/!x86_64 is an other story...



[1] SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server
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