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[Fwd: Re: YaST2 for Debian (aka nYaST)]

It seems the chain error is going on :)
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Hi Carlos,

Am Saturday 20 November 2004 19:56 schrieb Carlos Garnacho:

> the worst
> obstacle I find for doing new modules is the lack of time/manpower, as
> for doing the tools portable, almost every UNIX has the same concepts in
> system administration, and the GST can do a good job abstracting such
> concepts (for example: the services tool configures successfully sysV,

See... the workload and maintanablilty plays quite a role here ;-)
Abstracting those concepts directly in the code apparently works nice due to 
the frontend/backends separation.

Now, if the backends could also abstract out the syntax (inheritanble parsers) 
and semantic (config description files) it could be much easier to extend and 
maintain the config tools.

Granted it requires also work to implement such an abstraction, though at 
least a prototype seems to be there.

I think we already talked about that in a thread about GST using Config4GNU 
concepts though, right? :)


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