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Re: fbsplash: introducing fbplash in debian (howto)

On Mon, 11 Oct 2004 01:16:00 -0400, Luis M
<lemsx1@gmail.com> said:  

> Easier [1], this is an interactive script that asks a few questions
> about building your kernel with make-kpkg. All you need to do is:

> 1. get and unpack your source kernel from your favorite source
> (kernel.org is what i use)
> 2. cd into the source directory for your unpacked kernel and run the
> script: fakeroot make-kpkg.sh
> 3. finally, answer the next 4 questions with "y" or "n"

> Note, of course the initrd question is a YES for everybody who wants
> to use fbsplash, so that's one less answer.

> You can get the latest revision of this script from:

> [1] http://www.latinomixed.com/downloads/make-kpkg.sh.gz

	What license are you releasing this script under?  I would
 like to have this included as an example in kernel-package, if
 licensing permits.


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