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Re: pmount vs updfstab


Michael Banck [2004-10-09 12:25 +0200]:
> But in the end, it depends on who does the work, so if Martin Pitt
> (pmount author) should volunteer to integrate this into Debian, that
> would be great I guess.

It'll be my pleasure! :-) Of course I would prefer it if Debian and
Ubuntu used the same solution. It has proven to work in Ubuntu and
it's considerably more robust and safe than messing up the fstab IMHO.

But I will not put that into Sarge because it is too late for these
changes, and I don't see a point in having pmount without anything
using it.

I will file an ITP as soon as Sarge has released and discuss the
further approach with Sjoerd.

Have a nice Sunday everybody!


Martin Pitt                       http://www.piware.de
Ubuntu Developer            http://www.ubuntulinux.org
Debian GNU/Linux Developer       http://www.debian.org

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