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Re: pmount vs updfstab

Am Saturday, 9. October 2004 21:38 schrieb Christoffer Sawicki:
> > Is there still work beeing done to get the "desktop" branch up and
> > running?
> It has actually been running for a while already. The main server has been
> upgraded and will be up again on tuesday. And then we need some mirrors.

Oh yeah, sorry for the misleading question, but what should've really been 
asked got answered by you already:

> Anyway, the desktop branch works just as testing, packages migrate from
> unstable to it. So the work should be done in unstable as usual.
The debiandesktop.org website gives a bit of the impression to me that there 
will be quite a bit of original work done for DDD - something that will not 
be part of Debian first. Project Utopia (or whatever) would come to mind.

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