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Debian Desktop... but which Debian on my Desktop... now?!

Hi all,

is there any news about debian-desktop yet?
Any kind of release / preview / something in sight?

I'm a bit stuck right now - don't know what to use for the systems I set up to 
be used by 'real users' (i.e. not Debian Unstable).
I'm still pretty much a Windows admin and don't know half as much as I'd like 
to get all my Debian installations working the way I want them to. So I'm 
quite dependant on as much out-of-the-box and just-works (tm) as I can get so 
I don't have to think about everything on all the systems myself.
One typical issue is some form of auto-mounting for usb sticks and the like. 
Looks like GNOME already solved this, but a KDE Volume Manager seems rather 
far off... Got a Logitech MX1000 mouse and to get it going I have to patch 
evdev into my system - that's the kind of thing a good Desktop Distribution 
could take care off... anyway I'm getting a bit off topic here.

What I really need right now is a more or less 'just-works like' and clean 
Debian based system (won't go near something else for real productive 
(private ;)) use right now) that does most of the "standard desktop stuff" 
out of the box.

Right now there are MEPIS, Ubuntu, Munjoy and pure Debian unstable or testing.

MEPIS is more and more going it's own way and doesn't seem to be all that 
clean and pure (the debian way) anymore - I've got some strange slowdowns 
using it I've not been able to reproduce with any other Debian based systems.

Munjoy hasn't had a (preview) release for some time and is quite a bit of work 
to get working properly / the way I need it.

Ubuntu is GNOME - I can't use that (not meant as a flame) - and the KDE 
support (it _is_ there) isn't the best - beeing still based on 3.2 and having 
to install everything you need by hand. Had quite a few problems with samba 
on Ubuntu - could be me though. But I've read about quite a few other 
problems with it, and that's with supported packages - though that's to be 
expected from a preview.

The last candidate would be Debian Unstable or Testing (tend to unstable 
because testing's desktop side already feels 'old' to me) - and from my 
experience it's a lot of work to get a desktop system going the way a windows 
convert would expect it. There's no automounting without a custom build 
kernel, and the inavailability of a simple one-CD install version with KDE 
(and GNOME if need be) is a real problem for me since I'm on dialup and what 
I would use (unstable I guess) is always changing.

What would you recommend me to do right now? Personally I could maybe find my 
luck somewhere between pure Debian unstable and Munjoy, but what to do with 
the PC of my girlfriend (.NET programmer btw) who is just atm fed up with 
Windows' problems (JPEG exploit) and wouldn't mind a change. I'd refuse to 
just throw SuSE or the likes at her system because that might turn her away 
from Linux again quickly.

Somehow I feel that DDD is _just_ what I'm waiting for but there doesn't seem 
to be even a sign of it's arrival - maybe there's some preview one could have 
a look at already?

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