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Re: Common Desktop goals

I really hope there will be more work shared between the projects. Especially 
Ubuntu and Debian Desktop should have a lot in common.
I actually wondered on the ubuntu list why there was no connection to DDD at 
all since many of their ideas and implementation sound exactly like what is 
needed for DDD. Though I sure hope Debian Desktop will not be so similar to 
Ubuntu and UserLinux afterall in that it will have full fledged KDE support. 
Nobody should be facing a complete GNOME installation and have to apt-get kde 
if he did not intent to use anything else in the first place. IMO that's 
where Ubunut 'fails' (they don't want to provide real KDE support, so it's 
ok) and I hope DDD will do better.

Hope to hear more about some cooperation between the projects though.

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