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Re: CFG?

On Mon, 2004-07-12 at 09:02, Christoffer Sawicki wrote:
> > So lets have a start gathering some criteria:
> >
> > - mudularity and interfaces (what to code to configure somthing new?
> >    parser, app-config logic, toolkit, frontend)
> It would be very cool with a front-end that integrates nicely into KControl.
> And something like that for GNOME too, of course.

I really think that this would be done to fit any kind of (or the more
popular) toolkits/API's.

This should be have a port for GTK/Tk/Qt/whatever.

> > - should not have to give up if config has been changed by other means.
> > - should not have to give up if a new or unknown setting is found.

This both are some of the most interesting things on a good parser.


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