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Summary of 2004-02-29 Meeting

The first official IRC meeting of the Debian-Desktop project was adjourned at 23:15 UTC in #debian-desktop on irc.debian.org.

The meeting was led by Madkiss.

There were at least 10 people present from the beginning of the meeting, including:


Matthew_I opened with an explanation of why he suggested the meeting in the first place, and requested opinions of where he thought the project should go.

Much of the meeting was spent discussing the future Swirl project[1], which will be officially announced when the infrastructure is in place. A timeline was decided upon, and the majority of people in attendence agreed to continue work on the project.

Madkiss asked for opinions about what the Debian-Desktop Project should work on to make Debian more desktop-friendly. The responses included:

- Better hardware detection
- A cleanup of Debian-Installer and debconf to make them more user-friendly
- Desktop-oriented documentation
- An auto-update applet
- NTFS/FAT resizing in the installer
- Automounting
- A graphical front-end to apt-get
- A graphical installer
- Reworked menus

Madkiss recommended (and the group agreed) that the Debian-Desktop Project split into two internal subprojects: one that builds The Swirl, and one that works on improving the software already in Debian.

Bluefuture engaged in a lengthy and detailed explanation of his proposal for a new QA system[2].

joeljkp and Matthew_I agreed to take over maintenance of the Debian-Desktop website[3].

The meeting adjourned at 23:00 UTC to a time to be determined later on.

The transcript will be available upon request[4].


Thanks for attending, everyone!

Joel Konkle-Parker
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