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gtk2 useful (debian) Admin tools

All this tools are developed in gtk2. 
Tar e deb package are available at:

A partitioner like Partition Magic 
(it is announced in a precedent message in debian-gtk-gnome
debian-gtk-boot and debian-desktop ml)
A program for setting: XFree video resolution, video card selection,
dual monitor setting, mouse icon setting.
A usb storage utility (for digital cam, usb hdd etc. etc.)
A tool for setting keyboard language.
A tool for set your system language.
A tool for config network .
A tool for config date and time.
A common panel for all this admin tools.

I know that some of this feautures are already supported in Gnome System
Tools (date/time, network) but there are also in this list tools that i
find very useful for the Desktop Debian use and for gnome users.


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