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Debian and Userlinux proposal

>From Userlinux project www.userlinux.com:

You can bootstrap a Debian unstable system by installing Debian from any
Debian CD, even a several-year-old one. But it's probably best to
download the new Debian installer, which is in version Beta 2 at this
writing, and install using that. That is a test of the installer that
UserLinux will use. Please don't worry about the lack of a GUI, the
installer has pluggable front-ends, and we can put a GUI in place later.

We can do the common d-i GUI developing work with userlinux developer
Then could be a "Theme" customization for Debian and one for Userlinu".

Could we work togheter, with USERLINUX developer, on Taskel and Gtasksel
(the gtk frontend to tasksel. ?need gtk2 port?) adopting or expanding
this well done use cases?


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