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Re: gtk frontend to the new debian-installer

On Fri, 2004-02-06 at 15:33, Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:
> Em Wed, 21 Jan 2004 00:33:01 +0100, Bluefuture <bluefuture@email.it> escreveu:
> > Hi,
> > the next debian installer version beta2 has come out.
> > Anybody could help continuing the development of the GTK frontend to the
> > new d-i?
> Hi,
> I am interested in that and got cdebconf to install on a chroot to hack on it.
> Unfortunatelly I had no success trying to use d-i on bochs yet -- at least
> I could not get past some stage, but loading the gtk frontend is still
> something I have to investigate how to do. I have worked on porting
> the gnome frontend for debconf to debian from progeny and then to
> gnome2, so I now some of the basics already.
> The current UI is quite poor and the code is a bit messy, but I think I
> can get along, and try to grasp d-i in runtime =D.
> You can check some progress on the boolean dialog by looking:
> before:
> 	http://beterraba.no-ip.org/cdebconf/gtk1.png
> after:
> 	http://beterraba.no-ip.org/cdebconf/gtk2.png
> Should I request the account now so that I can use the CVS directly
> or should I set up my own CVS?
> Also, while googling I found this email which brings up some problems
> which seem to not yet be fixed and I may not be able to tackle them 
> myself, so I still need help:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2003/debian-boot-200306/msg00139.html

Is there a way to "unwrap" the text? Also, wouldn't switching to a
druid-based interface be more sensical?

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