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Debian derivatives census: apt sources.list snippet

Hi all,

If you are receiving this mail that means you are participating in the
Debian derivatives census and that your entry has an issue.


Please ensure that:

   1. Your entry contains a sources.list like the one shown in the
      census template.
   2. Your entry's sources.list contains deb-src lines for each deb
   3. Your entry's sources.list works when running apt-get update.
   4. Your APT repositories have SHA-1 hashes for every source and
      binary package so we can compare with old Debian packages.
   5. If you are using SHA-1 hashes in your APT repositories,
      please ensure that there is such a hash for every single
      file, especially for all the source package files.
   6. SHA-256 hashes are not and will not be used by the census, but
      Debian strongly encourages the use of hashes stronger than SHA-1.


In addition please make sure there is a contact point listed in the
maintainer field of your census page.

While you are editing your page, please fill in as much of the fields
as you have data for and sync your page with the census template.

Please direct any questions you have to the derivatives list or IRC
channel. We strongly encourage you to join both of these.


Anastasia Tsikoza
Debian Derivatives Team Intern

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