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Re: Debian derivatives census: subscription system

On Sat, Dec 1, 2018 at 4:11 PM intrigeri wrote:

> I would happily subscribe to the Tails errors/warnings if:

To get an idea of the kinds of warning output that happen, you can
peruse the archives of the old dex-census mailing list. Please note
that these mails do not include the check-* files, which were only
communicated to derivatives by humans so far.


>  - They bring enough information to be actionable

For the most part that should be the case, although for example when a
Homepage is down due to server issues, that isn't really actionable
and will resolve itself.

>    I have no idea what to do with "mismatched source packages in
>    Sources/Packages"; which are the faulty packages?).

This means that the list of source packages listed in the Sources
files in the apt repository is different to the list of source
packages listed in the Packages files in the apt repository. There is
also a corresponding test for binary packages. The message probably
needs to be updated to mention the diff files. For Tails there are two
thunderbird source packages mentioned in Packages files but only one
in Sources files. This appears to be because you have two versions of
thunderbird-dbgsym, probably the older one should be removed from your


>    Fixing them all
>    now in not a prerequisite IMO, as long as someone is ready to fix
>    them incrementally when reported by subscribers once the
>    notifications are in place.

Agreed, some of the checks report low-priority issues.

>  - The notifications are sent in a way such as I won't quickly and
>    unconsciously learn to ignore them all.

This is a hard problem to solve :)

>    I would like to be notified when check results change.

This should be doable using diffs initially.

>    An Lintian-like override mechanism and output ("here are the
>    non-overriden errors, oh and by the way you're also overriding
>    N other ones") would be nice but probably vastly overkill at
>    this stage.

I think that this should be out of scope for the Outreachy project,
there are higher priority tasks to work on.



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