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Debian derivatives census: subscription system

Hi all, 

As part of the Outreachy project we are going to implement a
subscription system for error notifications produced by derivatives. 

The initial idea is that we add a new field to the census wiki pages so
that anyone interested in the error output of the specific derivative
can add their email address. Then the system will from time to time
save the derivative's error output to a file and send it to those who
have signed up. 

For now we have those errors listed in the check-* and .warnings files
in each derivative's directory on deriv.debian.net. We also plan to add
new scripts for checking each area of the census and producing new
files, for example check-logo and check-wiki-text.

If you are going to sign up for a subscription, please tell us, what
error output you consider useful and whether you would like to receive
the emails regularly or after some specific event (like if the new
check-* file differs from the old). 
Also even if you are not going to subscribe but have any ideas how to
improve either the way of signing up, or the error file format, or the
notification frequency, or the very idea of this feature, your feedback
is very welcome!

Anastasia Tsikoza

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