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Re: Integrating mainstreaming data

On Mon, 2018-01-29 at 00:30 +0100, Javier Serrano Polo wrote:

> I have a suggestion to improve derivative integration based on using the
> Debian BTS.

Could you be more specific about your idea? Some derivatives already
submit their changes to the Debian BTS and usertag them using the
users/tags listed in their Debian derivatives census wiki pages.


>  It will allow to:
>      1. Show our significant differences with Debian. This helps to:
>              A. Spot desired features from other derivatives.
>              B. Inform users about why they should choose a derivative
>                 or why not.

In addition to the submission of changes to the Debian BTS, the Debian
derivatives census also calculates diffs between Debian and our
derivatives and presents that in the patches panel of the PTS.
Currently the service is down due to disk space issues though.
The PTS work also needs porting to the Debian package tracker:


The other aspect of derivatives changes is the addition of new
packages, these are detected by the derivatives census but they are
not presented anywhere. I had the idea to include them on packages.d.o,
tracker.d.o and or on the WNPP related pages but didn't yet have the
time or motivation to work on that.

>      2. Show our efforts to build a real universal operating system by
>         trying to mainstream our differences. This helps to:
>              A. Justify the existence of a derivative.
>              B. Justify the need of every significant difference.

While merging as many differences as possible is a laudable goal, not
every change is suitable for merging upstream (nor into Debian) (yet).
They may not be finished, they may be very specific to the derivative
or they may not be appropriate to be upstreamed. Browsing


> Feel free to redirect these messages to the mailing list.

FYI, the front desk is just an alias to the mailing list.

BTW, which Debian derivative are you working on?



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