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Re: Generating DEP-11 Metadata

2018-01-26 9:47 GMT+01:00 Raju Devidas <rajudev@disroot.org>:
> Hello everyone,
>    I am trying to setup a mirror repository which fetches packages from
> Debian Testing and serves it from our derivative repository of Hamara Linux.
> The repository structure can be seen here devel.hamaralinux.org
> The repository is working fine except for the part of generating the DEP-11
> Metadata.
> DEP-11 Metadata is required for software managers like gnome-software to
> display the applications in there interface.
> I tried generating the Metadata using Appstream Generator using an
> asgen-config.json file referring this
> https://github.com/ximion/appstream-generator/blob/master/docs/asgen-config.md
> It did generate the files but in a separate folder and didn't generate the
> folder named DEP-11 as well.

This is intentional, because usually this data is generated on a
separate machine for security reasons (I downloads stuff from
arbitrary sources, and performs jobs like SVG rendering and image

> I tried manually moving the contents of export/data/<suite>/main/ to a
> manually created folder which can be seen here
> http://devel.hamaralinux.org/hamara-sugam/dists/namaste/main/

That's okay (copying/rsyncing the files is a better idea though).

> but that didn't affect the Release files content and hence the distribution
> using the repo is still not recognizing the content of the dep-11 folder.
> What is the correct way of generating the metadata and getting included in
> the repository?

That depends. Which software do you use to generate the repository? If
it's dak, it will automatically add these files if they were copied to
the correct location. In case of reprepro, it looks like a patch is
needed to include the files[1] (but maybe that issue is already solved
or can be worked around, I didn't look into that in detail).
Using the Debian data won't help you, if your archive management
software does not register the metadata.in the Release files.


[1]: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=824521

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