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Re: Debian derivatives census: Wazo: welcome!

On 21/04/17 11:25 PM, Paul Wise wrote:
> Would you like to take this opportunity to introduce yourself
> and Wazo to us all? 

About Wazo: the distribution is centered around VoIP, uses Asterisk at
its core and envisions to be like the OpenStack of telecoms: a fully
free-software distro allowing people to build unified communications
systems. All features are or will be API-driven so that it can be
integrated in various environments.

Wazo is a fork of XiVO, which started about 10 years ago, and the fork
happened in December 2016. We are a team of 4 developers, all
french-speaking and free-software enthusiasts.

More details on our blog:

About myself: I'm one of the developers of Wazo, I worked on XiVO for 5
years before the fork and I'm a daily user of Debian and Archlinux.

> The page says that Wazo modifies Debian binary packages.


> Some of the Release files in the apt repository for Wazo are missing
> the Valid-Until header

I understand this setting has no effect on caching the Release files,
right? An apt-get update won't consider a still-valid Release file as
already up-to-date and will still replace the already downloaded Release
file, as long as the Date is more recent, is this correct?

Also, I don't really know what would be a good value for ValidFor... 1
minute? 1 hour? 1 day? What about 0 minutes? Or is this a
not-recommended setting? In my mind, "ValidFor: 0m" would still prevent
the security issue, can you confirm this?

> Some of the Release files are also missing the Label field


Thanks a lot for all the recommendations. We can't do everything you
propose right now, but we'll keep them in mind.

Sébastien Duthil

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