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Re: Debian derivatives census: ToriOS: welcome!

On 12/16/2016 01:26 AM, Paul Wise wrote:
> On Thu, 2016-12-15 at 18:23 -0600, Israel wrote:
>> Hi, I am Israel, the main developer of ToriOS.
> Hi, welcome to the list :)
Thanks Paul
>> Jessie, ... is supported for a good length of time, thus providing an
>> LTS version of ToriOS.
> Speaking of LTS, you may want to take a look at Debian's LTS efforts:
> https://wiki.debian.org/LTS
Excellent I will look at it.
>> We at ToriOS, are a rag-tag international band who all met through the
>> Lubuntu Community, and our love for helping others.  Most of us are
>> still active participants on the Lubuntu mailing list, and continue to
>> help people who need assistance.
> Some of you might be interested in joining Debian's LXQt/LXDE teams:
> https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/LXQtPackagingTeam
This is something I will look into.  I have Debian with LXDE on one
machine currently, and I have tested LXQt out a number of times.
>> Sure thing, we only modify JWM, though since Samuel Henrique has began
>> maintaining JWM again after Jari Alto could not this is less needed,
>> though I still provide a more up-to-date version.
>> No other packages are directly modified.  We add additional packages
>> through a PPA.
> So it sounds like you are modifying the jwm source package and
> rebuilding the binary package rather than modifying the binary package
> directly. I'll update the wiki page to be clearer.
Correct, thank you very much.
>>  A binary menu generator for JWM
>>  A graphical settings manager (JWM Settings Manager)
> Have you talked to JWM upstream about these tools?
It is a separate package all together, so it would be something that
Debian would need to package separately.
>> The only package we modify is JWM, and I have assisted Samuel in
>> updating this package to the current state in Debian Jessie.  This
>> includes a revised control (adding SVG and jpeg support) and a more
>> simplified rules file, etc...
> Ok.
>> I was unaware of this.  We directly use Debian and only add packages
>> from a PPA, and modify only JWM.  After reading that it is unclear if I
>> should modify it, as Debian is the main vendor of packages, rather than
>> ToriOS
> It would be good if your installer system or any metapackages you have
> could set it up properly. There are a few different reasons for that,
> the main one is that popcon and reportbug record that information.
I can do it in the base tarball and will.  I did not know this existed,
but will add this change in.
>> I am not sure if I have the time or funding to travel to Canada, as
>> ToriOS receives no monetary funds.
> Fair enough, if you ever get the chance it is a great experience.
It sounds very exciting!
>> Thank you, I have been following this in preparation, and have already
>> spoken with the project leader about this upcoming change.
> Excellent.


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