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debian-installer-launcher proposed removal

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I am proposing the removal of debian-installer-launcher from Debian as this
software generally gives bad user experience and does not see the levels of
testing required for us to ensure it is of reasonable quality.

I know that there will be derivatives based on live-build that might include
this tool, but we'd like instead for this to be something that's handled by
documentation. This means letting the user know that they should reboot and
start the installer from the boot menu as opposed to from the desktop.

If there is anyone that really really wants to keep
debian-installer-launcher in the archives, please follow up on Debian bug
#844611. This package is orphaned and you would have to take over as the
primary maintainer of the package. It is not going to be included in the
official Debian Live images for the release of stretch.

Note that this is *only* the package that launches the Debian installer from
*within* the running live system. live-wrapper and live-build will continue
to provide boot menu entries to launch the Debian installer (both text-mode
and graphical) directly.


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