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Re: ISO Customization and Generation

On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 05:48:57PM +0000, Powers, Joshua wrote:
> I am curious to learn from other derivatives what customizations to
> ISOs others are making and what tools are used to generate
> ISOs. After a little investigation I see live-build and simple-cdd
> used. Are there others?

April last year, I spent a few days looking at vmdebootstrap, but
discarded it as unmaintained because it needed many local changes
before it would work.  It has changed since, and a fight arose which
seems at root to be "not invented here" syndrome.  You might take a
new look.

Since most of my customisations could be embedded into new versions of
packages, I ended up writing shell script based on
oem-config-remaster, to decompose an official live CD, apply packages
to the Casper filesystem, and then reassemble it.  Uses tmpfs,
loopback, and copy-on-write filesystem (aufs).

At the moment it is specific to Ubuntu CD images, but could probably
be adapted to Debian CD images.


James Cameron

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