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Debian derivatives census: funding and sponsorship of DebConf16

Hi all,

If you are receiving this mail that means you are participating in the
Debian derivatives census and that there is an opportunity for
greater participation within the Debian project.


Next year the annual Debian conference (DebConf) is to be held in South
Africa from 2016-07-02 to 2016-07-09 and as usual is to be preceded by
a period of collaborative development work (DebCamp).


DebConf is only possible with the help of our generous sponsors, so if
your business or your corporate or government sponsors are able to contribute
funds, we encourage them to review the sponsorship information for
this year and contact the DebConf sponsors team. The DebConf sponsors
team has just begun the search sponsorship for DebConf16.


We also encourage you to send one or more developers to South Africa
to participate in DebConf and or DebCamp. If you plan to send your
developers, there is also the possibility of supporting the conference
financially by paying the "corporate" rate. Of course sponsorship and
donations by non-profit organisations and individuals are most welcome.

Attendees have the opportunity to interact with Debian participants, find
out about the latest developments in Debian and work on Debian-related
projects. We also encourage your developers to participate in any
derivatives-related events that might be organised during DebConf.

Please direct any other questions you have to the derivatives list or
IRC channel. We strongly recommend you to join both of these.

If you haven't added funding model and or sponsorship organisation
information to your Debian derivatives census pages, please consider
providing those details.




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