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Re: Debian derivatives census: Whonix: expired Release file

Paul Wise:
> On Mon, 2015-09-21 at 02:25 +0000, Cron Daemon wrote:
>> E: Release file for
>> http://mirror.whonix.de/whonixdevelopermetafiles/internal/dists/stable/InRelease
>> is expired (invalid since 3d 8h 38min 41s). Updates for this
>> repository will not be applied.
> Patrick, could you take care of this expired Release file?
> Perhaps the Whonix stable Release file should have a longer expiry, 
> maybe of 6 months or so. Alternatively you could automatically or
> semi -automatically update the expiry.

It has not been extended on purpose. Whonix repository is not providing
generic suites such as 'stable' anymore. Deleted wheezy and stable repos.


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